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Tea unter We Heart It.

Vintage 1940’s strawberry blossom fabric.

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I’m on a new diet called don’t fucking look at me


i really hate this ‘ur other half is out there somewhere u just gotta meet them’ like fuck off im not incomplete im a whole person and i dont need anyone to ‘complete me’ the only thing i need is a pizza and not ur shit bye


from a few months back

I’m trying to explain to someone why I’m not mentally fit for a relationship and I used the terminology ‘loopy in the noodle’. Why did I use that phrasing for such a serious topic. why. why.

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Couture Outfit “The Crown Princess”

"The Crown Princess" is a richly embroidered couture outfit, consisting of an underbust corset panty, a matching neck corset and strapless bra.

The corset pieces are made from sheer strong mesh and are elaborately decorated with synthetic leather cutwork, silver beads and Swarovski crystals.

The epaulettes and hip pieces are made from sturdy thermoplast and are also decorated with beads and Swarovski crystals, as well as silver metal spikes.

Royal Black Couture and Corsetry (x)

This….THIS needs to be reblogged for amazingness. <3 <3 <3

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unicorns are notorious for their hatred of posturing bro culture

(I’m debating making this girl available as a sticker and a shirt.)

Unusual 19th C. cameo.

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